Paging Systems in the UK

About Pager Systems

We have been selling technology since 1989 in the United Kingdom to every type of business you can think of and from small companies to multi nationals.

But no customer is too big or too small and if you have any communications problems we are here to help. We are one of the very few companies that offers a three year warranty on all paging equipment and if you ever get any issues we're here to solve them for you. Simply call 01782 537000 for all enquiries or fill out our contact form.


Pager Systems is a trading name of Long Range Systems UK Ltd





In the Beginning:

The truth is, LRS UK offices are probably the most profitable of the companies you could deal with in the UK in the paging and communications industry. That's good - and not just for us - but for our customers too.

Firstly, as a manufacturer our costs are lower than any distributor or dealer working from some PO box and secondly, its very likely today we sell more paging equipment in the UK than all the others we could mention put together. But our selling prices of equipment are consistently lower than other suppliers. Ask us and we can prove it!

The LRS UK Advantage:

If you consider our achievements since launching the UK office in 2001 the company has grown exponentially - and still is growing by approximately 30% every year. THATS how good our products, pricing and support is. make no mistake, that if you want the best products for your company at best pricing with support there is only one way to achieve that - make your supplier a manufacturer.

You see, if you deal with distributors, they are basically middle men, taking a cut from the sale to you - and they are not always the best with warranty either - often having to swallow the costs of warranty after their 90 day manufacturer warranty expires. many of them are shall we say 'not happy' with doing that - it eats in to their profits.

At LRS UK we are different. Firstly as a manufacturers office, we offer the best warranty there is - up to 10 years* on manufacturing defects. Secondly, if you have a problem we want to know. In fact we often call customers at around three months (imagine that from a supplier) just to say hello and confirm your system is performing to our standards. If it is not? We will fix it immediately. Now that's customer focus.

Where we're going:

We would like to say we're heading for the top supplier position of paging equipment here in the UK - unfortunately we can't! We're already there.

But make no mistake, with the products and innovation that we share with our Dallas HQ you can be sure we're going to be at the top for a while to come.

Simple, safe, superior, smarter.

Our UK tag line is not just some marketing hype either.


Some of the most highly featured, yet simple to operate equipment in the world.


We are now utilising anti microbial plastics and these plastics are being rolled out to all products. No more passing on microbes that can kill - and in any environment that's a great thing. We don't use 'door handle sprays' like some competitors we could name.


As the worlds leading innovator, you will find products on our website that you cannot find anywhere else. We innovate and then patent our products.


Smart does not even come in to the equation - we're smarter all day long. And so are you when you choose LRS products and LRS UK as your supplier. We will be here for you no matter what - and when you have a problem we will be here to help, no if's no but's just plain old good fashioned help.

Now that's REALLY smarter!