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Whether you just want more information or are looking for a quotation we are always happy to hear from you - our pricing is excellent. If you do not receive a callback from us within 24 hours during Monday to Friday then please do call us on 01782 537000.

We often have special offers available and at this time our CS6 customer or patient pager system is available for just £399.00 while stocks last. This system is less than half the regular price and less than the cost of competitors solutions. The CS6 offer is available right now: CS6 offer.

If you have any technical questions, if you simply want to know more about specifics of our products or you might even want to trial our equipment then this is the correct place to contact us. We do offer trials on most equipment and if for example you have radios that you need to test against other equipment then that's no problem we can help.

We do not typically offer pricing for our solutions online because customer solutions are often diverse (we supply many sectors) and not suited to other customers needs. But no matter what solution you need, we will customise our products for you and completely configure them for your specific needs. It is important that we understand your requirements for any specifications so please ensure that you advise the range you want to achieve in your communications with us.

In the case of two way radios we promise to beat any comparable quotation for them. We supply some of the biggest customers in the United Kingdom with radios and there is absolutely no doubt that our service and support with pricing is really second to no company. Accessories are also a key area in which we excel in the UK so not matter what brand of equipment you have we know we can help. Simply contact us and try us that's all we ask!

Lastly all equipment that we make comes with a minimum of three years warranty so you can rest assured that we are here to help if you get any problems. Our failure rates are typically 0.3% of what we sell but in the unlikely event you do need support just fill the form out below or call us on 01782 537000.