Accessories for products we sell

It's easy to break down the accessories we sell in to either paging system accessories or two way radio accessories, check them out below.

  • Bungee Cord  Protects the pagers from being dropped and damaged
  • Chargers
    • Coaster Charger  Extra chargers for coaster pagers
    • Charger 5     Pager charger for our waiter pager (sp4) up to 10 pagers
    • Charger 9     Pager charger for our waiter pager (sp4) above 10 pagers
  • Power Supplies
    • Standard PSU   Our 'standard PSU' used for most LRS equipment
    • Coaster PSU     Our coaster PSU used for coaster systems only
    • Other PSU          Specialised PSU's for 'The Bulldog' and other equipment
  • Custom Branding        We make custom labels and brand products for customers
  • Doorbell Kit                  For and device that has a 'dry contact' such as the Butler II
  • Door Sensor Kit           For and device that has a 'dry contact' such as the Butler II
  • Pager Protector      Protect the pager with these great leather cases
  • Metal Coaster Holder    Return coaster pagers back on charge

Obviously we have more accessories available for our systems than the ones here, so please do contact us if you are unsure whether we can supply your needs.

All of our accessories have a three year warranty so we stand by our products no matter what happens if the failure is a manufacturers defect. We recommend the pager protector leather cases to ensure that your pager is protected against being dropped and damaged which would not be covered under our comprehensive warranty.

Every product we make has been built up to a standard and not down to a price - but you will still find that our products are very cost effective and are the only recommended accessories for our systems.


And note that we can supply all accessories for two Way Radios:

Please note that we sell ALL radio accessories no matter which brand of radios you use.

For more information please do fill out our contact form or call 01782 537000 now.