Alpha 4 line Battery Operated Pager

The alpha 4 line pager for staff - check it out.

Alphanumeric Pager

4-line-pager  Our alphanumeric battery operated pager is absolutely the easiest to use, full-messaging on-premise pager on the market.

Until now, the complexity of the standard alphanumeric pager has been overwhelming and not user-friendly. This one is better.









In industry today there are many types of user ranging from management through office workers and on to the manufacturers production line. As you can imagine, some users jobs are far less demanding on pager ruggedness than others.

Our 4 line battery driven pager as shown above was developed for most kinds of text paging situations where an alpha pager would be used. We developed the SP5 for more tough environments, but this 4 line is really our biggest selling model of this type.

The pager uses 4 lines of text so you can see much of the message - but f the message is longer (we handle up to 254 characters) then its simple to scroll and see all of the message.

This unit utilises a menu system which really is easy to use - in fact its the easiest to use in the business.

This unit can vibrate or beep so its your choice of operation easily set from the menu.

Another benefit is that the pager can store the last 25 messages so its a simple matter to scroll through those if needed.

We also make a leather case for this unit to protect it against being dropped or damaged. The pager clip supplied as standard is removable and replaceable by the user should you need to within about 5 seconds.

This pager is used in every industry that we supply including yours.


Product Features

  • Onsite programmability
  • Holds up to 25 messages
  • 4 line, 200 character display
  • Vibrate, beep, and lock down alert modes
  • Operates on a single AAA battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic backlight
  • Automatic On/Off increases battery life
  • Pager cradle
  • Supports up to 5 groups
  • Set time and date from any LRS transmitter
    Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.75" x 0.75"


  • Text messages provide instant communication
  • UHF frequency penetrates walls, ceilings and floors more effectively than VHF
  • Tracking mode can continuously page


Compatible equipment for use with the SP5