Bank Financial Customer and Staff Paging Systems

Bank customer and staff paging and security systems - check them out.

Bank and Financial Security Communication Systems

Banking today has changed.

There's always been a focus on customer service, but of recent times that focus has intensified dramatically.

We have systems that make your customer experience second to none, check them out below.









As you might imagine, we have a number of products that can help banks to be more efficient and safer places. Please examine the systems which we can offer below which shows a cross reference of systems we have typically supplied to the banking and financial industries here in the United Kingdom.


Two Way Radios for the financial sector

Communicate effectively using two-way wireless radio handsets


Staff Paging Solutions

Netpage Unlimited enables you to can contact staff using text messages on their own cell phone or text messages on their LRS alphanumeric pager. The system can also be used also for customer recall paging.

Our OEM-TX is a transmitting board that integrates in to security systems and is widely used throughout the UK.

The pronto call button has 6 buttons and is perfect for meeting rooms to notify staff.


Customer Paging Solutions

Let your customers out of the waiting area where minutes seem like hours with the use of our customer paging systems. Allow them to browse your products and services and recall them at the press of a button.