Car Dealership Communications

Our solutions for the auto and car industries are great - check them out.

Car Dealer Industry Paging Systems

Do you want to eliminate overhead paging?

Do you want to reduce on-hold hang ups?

Do you want to easily notify customers waiting for their vehicles?









In fact we have a number of technologies that work well for car dealers, whether independent or franchised


Two Way Radios for Car Dealerships

Communicate effectively using two-way radios by Long Range Systems.


Staff Paging Solutions

Netpage Unlimited enables you to can contact staff using text messages on their own cell phone or text messages on their LRS alphanumeric pager.

Our Butler XP can be used outdoors so that customers can 'press for service' to the sales team when they are needed for a sale.

The pronto call button can be used as a 'closer' for the sales team and can be extremely powerful when used in that way.


Customer Paging Solutions

Let your customers out of the waiting room where minutes seem like hours with our customer paging systems. Allow them to browse your cars on sale and recall them at the press of a button. Our table tracker system lets you know where the customer is sitting in your premises.