Children's Crèche Paging

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Nursery and Children's Crèche Pager System

The most reliable and easy to use pagers and paging systems for any budget.

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We offer several on premise paging and communication solutions for children's crèches. All of our systems feature plug and play installation and are simple and easy-to-use. Allow your nursery staff to communicate silently and immediately with no disruption.

Safety, Security and Serenity. That’s what parents expect from your nursery — and that’s what LRS has been helping nurseries provide for almost 16 years with our nursery pagers and paging systems.

Our affordable, silent nursery pagers give your nursery workers the ability to contact parents instantly if their child needs them.


Nursery Paging Solutions


Parents paging

Call parents or staff back instantly at the press of a button.

  • Contact parents anywhere instantly and silently
  • Won’t disturb other parents
  • Maintains parent privacy
  • Provides constant vibration so parents won’t miss the pager notification
  • Helps ensure child safety since only parents with the correct pager can pick up their child
  • Very affordable with systems for every budget
  • UHF frequency has better signal penetration — even in larger nurseries (Never buy VHF)
  • Simple to set up and use - no installation or wiring
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries come with a five year warranty
  • Rugged Lexan construction reduces damage and replacement costs
  • Built-in anti-theft mode keeps pagers from "wandering" off



Two Way Radios for children's nurseries

Communicate effectively using two-way wireless radio handsets for security of children in the nursery



Security systems for nurseries

Silently notify staff or ushers with our onsite pagers when a door has been opened or in any emergency. Great for keeping tabs on an entrance or exit, for fire alarm integration or to call parents to a meeting room.