Coaster Chargers for Customer Pagers

Coaster chargers - check them out.

Coaster Call Chargers for all LRS Coaster Pagers

coaster-chargers  Each coaster charger holds up to 15 pagers - and then you can link them together so that one power supply can support up to 30 pagers.









The patented design of our charger for coaster-call allows you to place the coasters on to the stack in any direction. Charging is accomplished through nickel-plated charging pins located in each of the four corners. These chargers reamin our standard design since 1993 and whether you are operating CS6, CS7 or any of our other coaster pagers these chargers are fully compatible.
Each charger has two jacks for cascading multiple chargers together using the 6" jumper wire included. The best thing about cascading chargers is that only one mains supply socket is required.



Compatible equipment for use with our Coaster Chargers