Custom and Designer Call Buttons

Custom call buttons and help points - check them out.

Designer Call Buttons

Unique custom or designer call buttons for many uses including conference rooms, yachts and anywhere that you need a high quality push for service button.










Our custom and designer call buttons are some of the most unique push for service buttons available and are all built on LRS technology for incredible communications. Often this type of button only has a short range, but ours is different. No matter what designs you like we can probably help you in achieving a unique design that will work perfectly with your decor

Because this is a custom service we don't have stock of the wooden housings - they are unique, but we don't spend excessive time developing the exact button for you - please call and we can send you a few samples of products we sell.


Product Features

  • No exposed screws prevents tampering
  • Unique design
  • Real wood for many designs
  • Longest possible range (up to 250 metres without any signal repeater
  • Low-battery indicator - can page a pager when the batteries run low
  • UHF frequency (420-470 MHz)
  • Battery life is about three months


  • Increase service


Compatible equipment for use with the AT4 Adverteaser Paddle Pager