Doorbell Kit for Transmitter

Doorbell kit - check it out.

Doorbell Kit for Dry Contact Transmitters

doorbell kit  The doorbell kit is a complete kit to make your Butler II, T7470 Freedom and more work as a doorbell.

Great for where staff are too far away to hear the bell when it's ringing.









We include everything to get you going to make your transmitter work like a doorbell - with the advantage of paging you directly if someone presses the door bell.

The door bell kit work with many of our products as shown below in the compatibility section. Although this is a low cost unit it is worth bearing in mind that we do offer a three year warranty on all manufcaturing defects from new. Using low quality push buttons is never really an option. This doorbell kit is of a professional standard and of the highest qualty. This kit can be used for much more than just doorbells too - reception or other unmanned area for messaging staff.


Product features

  • Alleviates having to listen for a doorbell
  • Ideal for noisy environments
  • Gives freedom to be out of earshot from a traditional doorbell

Compatible equipment for use with our Door Bell Kit