Health Club Communications

Health club communication solutions  - check them out.

Health Club Paging Systems

With health club membership on the rise, it is vital to give your customers the attention they demand.

Coordinating members with trainers, dieticians and other specialists can be a challenge.









With LRS staff pager systems, keep your staff organized and efficient. Reduce most of the overhead requirements. Our paging solutions are a great way to find parents if they have a child in the nursery.


Push for Service call buttons

These buttons can be strategically placed so that customers can call a trainer or call for help in any sort of emergency.



Customer Call Systems

Anytime a customer is waiting (maybe for training classes) its simple to call them to the class with these great coaster call solutions.



Two Way Radios for Staff Communications

Lowest cost communications available bearing in mind these radios can go as far as 8 kilometers.