Hotels and Leisure Resorts

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Hotels and Leisure Resorts Paging Systems

Hotels and resorts are customer centric businesses.

With guests demanding the best service available, hotels and resorts need more efficient ways of meeting those demands. 









Our pagers and communications equipment enable hotels and resorts improve communication between staff and guests. We even offer solutions that will drive growth for your beach and poolside food and beverage sales.

Benefits include

  • Increase Food and Beverage Sales
  • Improve Your Guest Experience
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Response Time
  • Boost Staff Productivity and Efficiency


Solutions available


Customer Call Guest Pager Systems

Our guest pagers allow you to notify waiting guests immediately when their room is ready. Guests no longer have to keep checking with the desk since your staff can notify them where ever they are. Guest room paging is an important piece to enhancing your level of guest service.



Push for Service call buttons

These buttons can be used for room to room call button paging



Two Way Radios for Staff Communications

Lowest cost communications available bearing in mind these radios can go as far as 8 kilometers - perfect for large hotels and resorts.