iCom Two-way Wireless Radios

ICOM two way wireless radios - check them out.

iCom Two-way Radios

icom-wireless-radios  Icom Licensed and license free radios are some of the best two way radios available in the UK today.

We can supply all models and all accessories to keep you working.









We can supply a complete range of iCOM two way radios and all accessories. iCOM is a very well trusted and a brand that has been around for a very long time made to the highest quality. iCOM radios do have a one to three year warranty on the radio and all accessories depending on the particular wireless radio. However, iCOM radios are extremely robust and warranty is not a major issue for this brand. Please note that we can configure the iCOM radios to your exact specifications for free as part of our service. We can also loan you evaluation units so you can be sure that the wireless radio is for you. Simply call us or fill out the contact form.

These products include regular license free radios, licensed radios for higher output and audibility and of course ruggedised radios that can even stand being submerged in water.

Long Range Systems UK offers every kind of earpiece available for these radios as well as all other accessories including multi chargers and more.

If you have any requirements for Icom radios we can help and have been helping industry here in the UK for many years.

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Compatible equipment for use with iCom Two way Radios

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