Industry Sectors we Supply

Below are some of the sectors of business we currently supply.

Since 2000 in the United Kingdom we have been supplying different industries with our paging systems and communications solutions like two-way radios. There are a large number of industries and these are shown below on this page, but these are not all the sectors we do supply. If you don't see your industry below then feel free to call us on 01782 537000.

Specialist solutions have always been part of what our company offers. Whether paging systems, wireless two way radios, security and fire alarm integration, health and safety solutions that literally save lives, integration of our equipment in to epos solutions, production line notification to employees and many other difficult to supply specialised sectors remain at the heart of our company. Our pagers can stand the most arduous conditions and are very robust.

There are over 25 different industries below that we continuously supply and some of those sectors have very specialised needs that only we can often help with. Our new technologies offer solutions that no other company comes near and we can work with you to achieve great solutions for your business too.

When you manufacture pagers, the customer base and industries we supply rises exponentially. We're not complaining either, but a website like this one can only offer you a short view in to exactly how many industries we offer paging systems for.

Note that our latest CS series of pagers have the ability for being able to notify the pager system when a message has been received. This simple fact renders all other customer, guest or patient pagers obsolete overnight - and the CS series is only available from us - we make it! The CS6 is our newest product and is available as a special offer while stocks last for just £399.00 plus VAT and shipping for a complete 10 pager system suitable for most industries shown below. Used throughout industry our CS series pagers are the standard that others wish they had. Go to the special deal right now.


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