Kenwood Two-way Radios

Kenwood wireless two way radios - check them out.

Kenwood Two-way Radios Licensed and License Free

kenwood-wireless-radios  Kenwood Licensed and license free radios are some of the best two way radios available in the UK today.

We can supply all models.









Offering class leading robustness, clear audio quality and top-of-the-range features, including audible channel recognition, using speech synthesis. The Kenwood range is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, robust and portable communication system. For all your  2 way radio needs let the UK Two Way Radio Experts - LRS UK find you the very best suited Kenwood product for your needs.

We can supply a complete range of Kenwood two way radios and all accessories.

These products include regular license free radios, licensed radios for higher output and audibility and of course ruggedised radios that can even stand being submerged in water.

Long Range Systems UK offers every kind of earpiece available for these radios as well as all other accessories including multi chargers and more.

If you have any requirements for Kenwood radios we can help and have been helping industry here in the UK for many years.

Ask about our trial period - unique to LRS UK.

Compatible equipment for use with Kenwood Two Way Radios

We have a large range of compatible products - ask for details on 01782 537000