Logistics Warehouse Truck Driver Paging Systems

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Logistics Truck Driver Paging System

Driver movement is always difficult in Logistics and warehouse companies.

But with our new driver pager systems its a simple matter to get drivers where you want when you want them.









Drivers can sometimes be difficult to get them to where you need them.

Maybe down to the loading bay, or over to building two...  or...  we guess you could fill out thousands of scenarios where it would be great to simply tell them where to go.

Now we have a simple solution.

Our Alpha Coaster system allows you to give the driver (as they pull in to your site) a text pager and then the ability to send the driver a message when you want him to move to a bay (for example).

This system is robust and tried and tested all over the world including the UK and the cost factor alone compared to other solutions should suggest that you need to know more.


Driver pagers

This pager as you can see is tough and durable, but still includes a text message facility that lets you tell the driver where to park and which bay to go to later. And if you don't need the text message then we have a lower cost item but just as robust as this one.

Linked with this pager we offer the T7470 transmitter which has a range in open air of up to one mile, usually more than enough range for most customers.