OEM-TX Transmitter with Dry Contacts

OEM TX transmitter - multiple uses - check it out.

OEM-TX Transmitter with 7 Dry Contacts for OEM Customers




Our OEM-TX transmitter - small but perfectly formed.

See below for full details. Can be used for fire alarms and other uses such as security.









Are you looking to integrate on premise paging into your technology products?

Our OEM TX is the perfect fit for any product designer. Its small footprint and simple interface will have you paging in less than an hour.  

It’s a great addition to any design where failure notification is imperative. It can be triggered via RS-232 or up to 7 contact closures or opens. This is a low cost device and is available here in the UK. This product pages our alpha pagers.

One of the great advantages of the oem-tx board is that it can operate from just 4 volts to 30 volts dc or anything in between.

The unit is fully programmable from a mini USB connector and we can pre program any oem-tx before we ship.

Contacts can be either open or closed to trigger a message to a pager.

Compatible equipment for use with our OEM-TX transmitter