OptiCall for Opticians Handover

OptiCall is the original and still the best solution for Opticians Customer Handover - check them out.

OptiCall Transmitter

OptiCall is the perfect solution for handing over customers to sales staff after eye tests.









One of the biggest areas where an opticians can improve efficiency and profitability is during the hand over of a customer back to optical assistants from the test room. It has been proven that sales can actually increase by up to 6 to 12% and a £25 increase on the average spend when using OptiCall for this purpose.

Without OptiCall often the handover does not take place actually in the test room with the optometrist, the customer and optical assistant. But getting the optical assistants in to the test room at the right time and informed is near enough impossible without OptiCall. OptiCall will allow optical assistants to come to the test room at the time of handover and be informed of the outcome of the test BEFORE they arrive. And when the optical assistant, the optometrist and the customer are all in the test room something magical happens - just as we described above.

This is not just sales talk. In fact since 2008 we have seen literally hundreds of companies increase profitability, closure rates and average spend all go up after installing OptiCall.


Product Features

  • Battery Operated or Powered
  •  Wall mountable
  •  Available with 1 or 6 buttons
  •  Repage feature sends multiple messages until the request is cleared
  •  UHF Frequency
  •  Wireless – no wiring involved
  •  Rugged
  •  Scalable – add additional units at any time
  •  Compact – 4″ diameter x 1″
  •  Customized messaging
  •  Includes 60 assorted button labels
  •  1 Year Warranty
  •  Free 7 Days a Week Technical Support


  •  Enhance customer service by providing immediate customer assistance
  •  Eliminate noisy and often missed overhead paging
  •  Improve staff productivity
  •  Easy to install and use
  •  Increase throughput


Compatible equipment for use with the AT4 Adverteaser Paddle Pager