Pharmacy and Chemists Patient Call

Customer or staff paging systems specifically tailored to pharmacy and chemist needs - check them out below.

Pharmacies and Dispensing Chemists Paging Systems


Customer systems for pharmacies and chemists








With the pharmacy industry getting more competitive, and government regulations regarding patient privacy getting stricter, it is more challenging than ever to serve customers and increase sales.

We have a number of solutions which you might well find useful in your pharmacy or chemists dispensary, please check the options below.

Customer-Patient Pagers

Hand customers one of our on-site pagers so they can shop while they wait for the prescription. When the prescription is ready, silently page them to let them know they can collect the prescription. This action also alleviates staff interruptions before the prescriptions are ready. Customer paging is also great if you have a drive through window - customers can park while they wait and be notified easily and quickly with our system.