Office Paging Systems

Professional office systems that operate on a network, or can SMS mobile phones - check them out.

Professional Office Paging Systems


Professional offices today need the ability to quickly contact employees, which has become a necessity in recent times.

Here's the LRS solution.










Our solutions have been developed to meet every need for interoffice communications. With our paging systems you'll be able to:

  •  Discreetly notify staff - even when they are in meetings
  •  Reduce having to track down key individuals
  •  Notify employees when they're away from their desk
  •  Reduce on hold hang-ups
  •  Limit "phone tag"
  •  Page groups or individuals

Below are some of our innovations for professional offices:


Staff and client paging system

Dramatically improve communication with truck drivers and route them to the right cargo delivery areas more efficiently with Truck Driver paging.



Meeting room push for service call buttons

The low-cost, short-range paging solution. These slim, five or six button units attach to almost any surface. Each button can be programmed to silently page a staff member or manager wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager.



Other custom solutions for professional offices



Professional offices two-way radios