Restaurant Waiter pager or Service Pager

Service or waiter pager - check them out.

SP4 Service Pager for Kitchen, Waiters and Staff


The SP4 is one of our most robust staff or waiter pager and can take the knocks and rough and tumble life that many other pagers cannot.










Service Pager for waiters and staff

The service or waiter pager is the only on-site pager to feature multi-message paging with visual confirmation for a waiter. This enables the user to easily send (for example) a message to go to the bar or kitchen. This feature is ideal for servers in restaurants where the server has to go to different locations or staff need to check the facilities.

The SP4 is the only rechargeable pager that uses a pager cradle instead of an attached non serviceable belt clip. Our pager cradle minimizes breakage limiting service costs and repair fees to just pence for the cradle.

 The LRS service pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail. In addition to its vibration alert, the LRS service pager has 4 messaging LED lights that will enhance overall communication dramatically.

Specifications of the SP4

  • Reprogrammable feature allows you to program its pager number on site.
  • 4 messaging LED’s
  • UHF frequency (420-470 MHz)
  • Shock-resistant casing
  • "Super Strong" Vibration
  • Longest possible range
  • Vibration, beep, or vibe/beep alert modes
  • Cradle holder prevents broken pager clips
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries (no battery memory)
  • Overall size: 3" x 2.25"


  • Easily reprogram pager numbers to reduce service fees
  • Programmable alert modes from the transmitter (beep, vibrate, etc.)
  • Battery life: up to 72 hours on a single charge
  • No exposed screws - prevents tampering

Compatible equipment for use with our SP4 Waiter Pagers