Schools and University

Whether its network paging, SMS paging, regular paging or more we have it - check them out below.

Schools University and Education Paging Systems

LRS has a number of systems for education environment, whether for students or staff.









Paging systems are supplied over many industries. Our systems are reliable and effective providing you a greater degree of communication between staff. Academic organizations have taken advantage of the greater security that paging systems provide as well as the convenience and efficiency of using pagers where students usually wait for any service.


Student pager systems

We have available our coaster call system which is extremely robust and used in many educational sites throughout the UK supplied by LRS UK. Our paddle pagers are suitable for the same student use but has the advantage of advertising on both sides of the pager. Lastly, our new Freedom transmitter allows SMS Text paging to students or staff.

Reduce long lines but still be able to notify students.

Perfect for:

  •  Libraries
  •  Registration
  •  Financial Aid
  •  Guidance Counseling
  • Cafe recall for food



Faculty paging system

Campus-wide paging can eliminate class interruptions and tracking down faculty to deliver messages. Page staff from any PC on your network.

Staff attack notifications

A discreet push button that can notify other staff if someone is in danger of being attacked or injured by others. 


Two way radios

We sell and support a large range of two way radios, both licensed and unlicensed from Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Hytera, Entel and Vertex. We supply all the accessories too.