Security Systems & Communications

Security paging systems - check them out.

Paging Security Systems

We manufacture a number of products that can easily integrate in to fire alarms, security alarms, and other security and safety related systems.









We make a substantial number of products for integration in to other systems - that's one reason why we supply so many companies worldwide.

But LRS UK is based in Stoke on Trent so now you can buy these products for integration in to your systems - and all with our support.

As a manufacturer we can support you right down to design or component level. We have certain products just made for integration to your systems so if you don't find below what you are looking for then please do contact us.


Fire Alarm and Security Systems

Our OEM-TX has seven dry contacts for connection in to a fire panel with just two wires. The unit can be set up with software for a normally open or normally closed connection.

When the system triggers, we can page an individual, a group or everyone.


Other systems

Our T7470-232 transmitters are fast moving transmitters which we sell in to system integrators for PC paging, POS systems integration and more.

We can supply all API and XML codes so you can integrate these units swiftly in to your systems.


Two way radios

We sell and support a large range of two way radios, both licensed and unlicensed from Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Hytera, Entel and Vertex. We supply all the accessories too.