T7470 Range Extender

T7470 range extender for paging systems - check it out.

T7470 Range Extender Signal Repeater

The T7470 range extender repeater.









We have the unique capability of extending pager range through the use of repeaters. Instead of using a POCSAG protocol that cannot be repeated, we utilizes a proprietary protocol. This allows us to repeat the signal indefinitely giving our pagers the best range in the industry. We can extend the range simply by installing more repeaters.

The T7470 Repeater is compatible with EVERY product we make.

T7470 Signal Repeater Features

  • UHF frequency (420 - 470 MHz)
  • 2-watt output power
  • Synthesized frequency and modulation
  • Works with all of our pagers
  • Operates on  240V
  • Overall size: 4" x 8" x 1" thick

T7470 Benefits

  • Increases range indefinitely
  • Small and lightweight for easy mounting
  • TX and RX LED's allow for easy testing/debugging

Compatible equipment for use with our T7470-232 Transmitter

Please be aware that all of our products work with the signal boost repeater.