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Marine paging systems


We have solutions for most paging and communications on yachts.









Our site dedicated to yacht and liner paging systems can be located at

Please visit that site for more information.

Yacht Pagers are generally a specialised area of business. We are a pager manufacturer and have supplied Large Yachts, boats or liners with Paging Systems for Staff, Guest, Fire Alarm, Engine Room and Monitoring, Security and other uses for some time on board Yachts.

We offer the best paging equipment there is, at realistic pricing and probably the best after sales and warranty in the business so it makes sense to work with us. Current yacht users include:

• MY KIJO Yacht
• Cuor Di Leone Yacht
• Sirocco Yacht
• MY Mustique Yacht
• Kimberley II Yacht
• Excellence III Yacht

and many more happy users.

It's easy to deal with us too - either call 01782 537000 and ask for sales

 Alternatively fill out our enquiry form on the contact us page and remember to tell us if its, Staff Paging, Guest Pagers, Sensor Paging (fire and engine room) or some other task you need the Pager System for.

We can supply yacht or boat pager, pagers, staff, guest, steward call, stewardess call, outboard paging, maintenance pagers, fire alarm paging systems, security paged systems.

For products that can also be used on Yachts or Boats - and you cannot find what you want on this site - please do take the time to visit our regular Long Range Systems website - we have many products there which CAN be used successfully on a Yacht - just go to