Support for our Products

The best and most effective support available in the paging industry.

Absolutely the best Support in the Industry

Engineers are an important aspect of our business...

But luckily you will not get to talk with them very often.









One thing is for sure with Long Range Systems as a manufacturer we know a thing or two about our products.

Often you will see here in the UK other companies that may claim to be a manufacturer, but are often just glorified distributors or dealers - sometimes even working from a PO box and who knows how long they might be there? And you might really need them with some of those products....

Here at the LRS UK offices were completely committed to our customer support.

But you just might never need it. Did you know that we have just a 0.3% manufacturing failure rate of LRS products. That means in simpler terms just one item in over three hundred pieces - and we usually find them before they get to a customer with our QA and preconfiguring checks.

So it's very likely you will never get to meet our great team of engineers.

Another reason is our warranty.

While all those other companies are figuring out how to offer a three year warranty (we offered that for about the last five years to our customers) we just upped the ante to 10 years - yes that's right - 10 years. In fact we are the only company worldwide offering this length of time.

There are terms of course - such as, we don't warrant the product if you drive over it with a fork lift and we guess that you would not expect us to.

But in any case - if you REALLY need to speak with our support then simply call 01782 537000 and we'll be happy to talk to you and help.

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