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Pager Systems from LRS UK

No matter what types of communications paging or industry requirements you have LRS UK has a solution to solve your problem.

Our systems are used worldwide and are now the leading brand here the UK and with our trials of equipment there is simply no other company that offers what we do.

Our latest development - the CS6 and CS7 Series of guest pagers 'knows' when a message has been received by the coaster pager. This is the ONLY interactive and intelligent system available in the world today and only from LRS.

We supply over 40 industries with over thirty different types of pager systems ranging from simple one pagers one transmitter to solutions for thousands of users over multi sites.

  • Pager systems for every requirement
  • Complete and superior range of paging systems
  •  Patented designs with unique diverse designs - over 20 patents
  • Highest quality robust products
  • Completely flexible designs handle from one user to thousands
  • Trial of equipment
  • 10 year warranty*

Our scope of products includes alphanumeric, conference call, emergency, leather cases, watch strap pager holder, PC software, two way radios, restaurant, sms text, vibrating, waiter call, walkie talkie radios, windows, wireless buzzers and beepers. Our Pager Call Systems are not available anywhere else in the UK and we handle all warranty work and customer support directly here in our offices in Stoke on Trent.

We supply many industries right here in the UK.

Finally please consider that we only sell one thing - paging systems. There are dealers and more recently distributors who sell more than one brand of equipment and this is usually because neither brand is effective, reliable or cost effective - beware! they often later drop the brand you bought!

At Long Range Systems we have world leading designs, the worlds leading brand, a great product range and a great price with the best support anywhere. Try our products now with no commitment to keep, what are you waiting for?

Choose the best paging equipment there is:



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